Dinar Chronicle

Dinar Chronicle

This Dinar chronicles will discuss the financial system of the world is designed to make sure that everyone in the world is in debt of the corrupt bankers holding the world.

Monetary policy

The monetary policy actually means that how much of the money is printed and how much credit is created by the main bank and how much does that cost the country.

However, the question which the people ask is that where all these printed trillions of dollars are gone?

Well, the answer is quite simple they are circulating in the financial and the real estate market of the world.

Dinar Chronicle

Dinar Chronicle

Increasing prices

This is the reason behind the increased prices of the stocks and the property in the country almost every day. The money which is created by the banks is in the market.

There is a lot of money which also went to the bond market in the world.

Stocks and bonds are not that much important to the people but they do need houses and other daily products whose prices are gone up due to these stocks and bonds.

This can be reason due to many homeless people in the country these days and this is not going towards and a good end.

The world seems to be in a financial and economic hurricane which needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. We need to find a solution to the problem and then find a way forward as well.

All the currencies of the world are losing their purchasing power day by day and that is a serious problem for the world which needs to be considered seriously.

Decrease in purchasing power

The price of the purchasing power is decreasing because they are actually not backed by anything which is a serious matter and needs immediate action.

The class of the people who is most affected by such problems is the average man in our society who tries to meet his financial needs and end up in a hectic situation.

According to the surveys in the world, 62% of the people doing jobs in the world are not paid enough to support even a middle-class life which is alarming for the modern world.

Today the world is living on its edge and at the back of the money system which needs to be changed. People have to work day and night and even harder costing even their lives to rise from their declining and poor living standards.

The problem actually started when the politicians gave away everything including the control of the monetary system to a group of banks which now holds the economy of the world.

Due to the reign of the World Bank and its control over the resources the jobs and the wages of people are declining.

Weak currencies

The currencies of the world are losing their value by a design which is through inflation.

Things are going towards the worst end since the implementation of the policies of the central bank in the world.

No desire or chance of improvement is yet shown by the market which is another concern for the economic world.

The people had a lot better standard of living prior to 2008 and returning to that phase won’t be easy at all but there can be a solution to the problem.

The entire system needs to be changed to bring the world to the same order and same living standard.

One of the part of the world which is most affected by the given situation is the property market of the world which is on the back end of the market.

The prices of the homes recently started declining and this is all due to flawed policies of the central banking system of the world.

The policy of the central bank is mainly focusing on bring people into debt and making money from it no matter what happens to the world we are living in.

Loan policies

If we look at the loan policies of the central bank it says it all, we need to finance the car buying as well which was not needed before.

They are increasing the years for the loan which is bringing more people to debt thus making a strong market for them and more money for sure.

Similarly, they are giving loans to the people for education and house as well which is making sure that people are more dependent on the banks.

This is the way the banks are making more money by giving loans to the people.

All these things are done by the banks because people previously did these things using cash at once.

Loan a burden

This is the way which was used to bring people in the financial plans that too of 62 months.

Many people in the process were forced to lease their cars because of the strong economic situation they cannot afford their cars.

People were trying to get bigger and bigger loans in order to complete their desires.

The similar scenarios were there in the case of housing and education and people were directed to such difficult situations.

They were forced to take more loans in order to complete their education and housing needs.

These loans are affecting the world even more especially the students because they act like a nightmare. They cannot perform like a really talented guy in the real world.

People hope to get good jobs from college and in return what they get is all the debt and low paying jobs which is due to the flawed system of the central banks of the world.


The end point is that a good policy needs to be imposed on the economic system and make sure that all the things are brought back to normal life.

A new policy similar to that of 2008 would be good for the world to bring the people back to their normal life.

We need an extensive policy which can give back a normal life to the average people of the world.